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Reed Minimalist Works​

My name is Rachel.

I have recently completed a long term goal of creating one very expansive artwork, divided into 90 pieces, or 15 collections of 6. (Symbolizing 6 degrees of separation.) 


If followed in succession from beginning to end, each piece is designed to flow from one form to the next, and one idea to the next, with thoughtful intention. This should feel like a soothing and relaxing journey, moving deeper inward to an ultimate conclusion at the end.

Don't cheat!  No leapfrogging! If you skip steps, the end might seem empty, just like in life! 

All works are one size, 20" x 16."

Originally created in collections of 6, they can also work individually, or be mixed and matched in customized sets of any number. They can be arranged horizontally, vertically, diagonally, or grouped in any way, to fit any space, they can even go around corners!

I like the idea of the collections being separated and still being innately connected to each other, like people. Maybe they will even cross paths again someday..(?) 



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