MINIMALISM IS much more to me

than the style I work in. It's my escape from the cultural conditioning of excess. 


When I'm creating a piece, I like to challenge myself to utilize as few elements as possible. I try to keep my consciousness out of it, and free of intention as far as form. The only form that I like to consciously represent is a horizon, and you will FIND IT REPEATEDLY throughout my work.

I like the idea of NOTHING EXTRA.

While "Less is More" may be true, too little is not better than too much. Knowing the difference between what we actually need to achieve  CONTENTMENT in this existence, and what we think we need (or don't need) to achieve it, IS CRITICAL. We find more SECURITY, not in what we have, but in what we can comfortably do without. This IS usually A WIDER MARGIN THAN WE THINK.

We often tend to fluctuate between overindulgence and deprivation in many different ways, not just in our individual bodies, but IN THE COLLECTIVE BODY. Nature will always attempt to balance extremes. We tend to think practicing minimal consumption is deprivation, but that's just not accurate. A COMFORTABLE MINIMUM IS always OPTIMAL. This is balance and BALANCE IS EVERYTHING.

Photos: Debbie Sipes,

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